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Dilemma of Nigerian Youths

Dilemma of nigerian youths book image
Dilemma of Nigerian youths book cover image Author: Chukwunonso Ogbe
Date published : 2009
Publishers: Chukwunonso Ogbe , Nigeria
ISBN 978-8128-53-X

Book Description: 143 pages , 11 chapters, 0.8cm thick

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About the book:Dilemma of Nigerian Youths (Back to top)

The Nigerian society is hostile and its youths have become victims of its unfriendly environment. The image and reputation of the Nigerian nation has recorded its lowest ebb in recent times due to the fact that antisocial behaviour seems to be the creed of a vast population of its youth cadre. Anyone who has concern for the wellbeing of Nigerian youths should be expected to ask questions on why most Nigerian youths behave the way they do.

The book Dilemma of Nigerian Youths deals with the major problems facing Nigerian youths of the 21st century. Such problems are multifarious and require urgent attention, owing to the fact that the lives of many youths have become miserable and saddled with regrets due to lack of proper direction.
The problems confronting Nigerian youths which were highlighted in this book include but are not limited to the following; moral decadence, cultism, drug abuse, peer pressure, quest for survival, unemployment, youthful exuberance and premarital sex.

This book should be read by all and most especially the elderly ones in the society who are in dire need of knowing the challenges facing their younger ones and all those who have the interest of youths at heart.


Preface (Back to top)

The instinct which led to the emergence of this book is as a result of the pressing need facing the Nigerian society today as it bothers on the well being of her youths. Many questions which are philosophical in nature confront the Nigerian youth on daily basis and such questions remain unanswered, while some youths go to the great beyond untimely.

Moreover, in spite of the attendant civility which our society has witnessed in recent times, there seem to be a gradual extinction of that which makes us unique owing to the fact that our core values and beliefs are being jettisoned with reckless abandon in favour of foreign alternatives.

Admittedly, while this work might not totally proffer the way forward in tackling the social quagmire which our generation has been enmeshed in, it has gone a long way in exposing the cause of the various troubles which the Nigerian leaders of tomorrow have been passing through un-noticed. This becomes more glaring when we consider the fact that the solution to any problematic situation cannot be known, not until the root cause of such problem has been traced. Any attempt to handle the sociological problems confronting the existence of youths without first getting to the root of the problem, will amount to treating the symptom of a disease rather than its cause. That, this work “Dilemma of Nigerian youths” has come to handle effectively.

Table of content (back to top )



Nigerian Youths and the Genesis of their Problem 13


Moral Decadence and Lack of Societal Values 16
The Way Forward 25
Cultism: The Dreaded Dragon 30
Causes of Identifying With Cultism 31
Consequences of Cultism 34
Proffered Solution to Curb the Menace of Cultism 39


Cultism: The Dreaded Dragon 30
Causes of Identifying With Cultism 31
Consequences of Cultism 34
Proffered Solution to Curb the Menace of Cultism 39

Quest for Survival 43
The Need For Survival 44
Consequences Of Quest For Survival 46
How To Help The Youths Out 48

Parental Influence 53
The Way Forward 56
Option of Logic 58

Peer Group Influence: The Necessary Evil 64
Proffered Solution to Peer Group Influence 67

Pre Marital Sex 72
Causes of Pre-Marital Sex 73
Consequences of Premarital Sexual Relationship 75
Proferred Solutions 81

Drug Abuse 86
Causes Of Drug Abuse 88
Effects Of Drug Abuse On Youths 91
How to Help The Youths Out 94

Youthful Exuberance 97
Profered Solution on How to Control Youthful Exuberance 100

Unemployment 103
Causes Of Unemployment 103
Consequences Of Unemployment On Nigerian Youths 107
Proferred Solutions 112

What Nigerian Youths Want 127




Review of Book's Content (back to top)

The book Dilemma of Nigerian Youths is a signpost for a stranger seeking firsthand information on the challenges facing Nigerian youths in recent times and the way forward to salvage them from such challenges.

Chapter 1 x-rays the factors both immediate and remote which are responsible for the problematic situations which most Nigerian youths have been made to contend with in recent times. Such factors which are multifaceted are the offshoot of an unplanned economy, indolent and visionless leadership style to mention but a few.

The book moves on in chapter 2 to embark on a journey of discovery on why the level of moral decadence prevalent in the Nigerian society seems to be on the increase geometrically. The chapter approached the issue of moral decadence from a sociological point of view with an expository stance of the systemic failure in the Nigerian socio-political terrain which breeds frustration and encourages deviant behaviour as the cause of moral decadence existing among Nigerian youths.

Chapter 3 deals with the practice of cultism and cult related activities among Nigerian youths which have become a dreaded monster in various institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. The chapter will serve a utilitarian purpose to any reader who would like to be acquainted with the reasons why many Nigerian youths of our generation continue to identify with cultism and cult related activities despite various disheartening consequences which have emanated from engaging in such antisocial activities in the past. Solutions on how to help cultists free themselves from the societal burden and psychological trauma of carrying the label of cultism was equally offered in the chapter.

Chapter 4 will serve a useful purpose for all members of the public who are anxious to know why Nigerian youths keep on immigrating to other parts of the world in search of greener pastures despite the abundant human and natural resources at the disposal of Nigeria as a nation. The chapter is an expository chapter on the challenges being faced by an average Nigerian youth in his quest to survive in life amidst many challenges and burdens the Nigerian society pose on individuals living within her territorial confines.

Chapter 5 deals on the battle of supremacy between parents and youths and more especially during the formative stage of the life of a youth and how such challenges could be handled with less difficulty. The chapter tries to draw a line on the rights, responsibilities, privileges and respects alike that should accrue to youths and their parents in order to reduce conflict of egos in their daily interactions.

Chapter 6 bothers on the challenges being faced by youths as they grow up in their immediate environments amidst subtle pressure and undue influence posed by members of their age bracket. How one can be able as a youth to manoeuvre his way without necessary hurting the feelings of his peers were equally treated knowing full well that no man can exist as an island unto itself.

Chapter 7 deals on pre-marital sex. The chapter handles the issue of pre-marital sex existing among Nigerian youths from a realistic point of view owing to the fact that the lives of many youths have been made to become miserable because adequate attention seems to be in wanting in offering assistance and help to youths who have found themselves in problematic situations arising from premarital sex.

Chapter 8 deals mainly on drug abuse which is on the increase on daily basis amongst Nigerian youths, its causes, consequences and the solution to address same.

Chapter 9 talks about youthful exuberance and its unwanted consequences. The methods to adopt in controlling youthful destructive impulse caused by naturally inherited traits and environmental factors were addressed.

Chapter 10 handles the issue of unemployment which has been the bane of growth of the Nigerian economy and the remote cause of a dilapidated Nigerian economy. The solutions to the unemployment crisis that has besieged Nigeria were equally offered in the chapter.

Chapter 11 is a compendium of what an average Nigerian youth wants from the Nigerian society. Such sensitive expectations of the Nigerian youths are what were exposed in the chapter and a logical analysis of how such factors will help to better the lives of Nigerian youths if implemented were equally addressed.

Preview of some pages from the book (back to top)


screen shot of page 33

screen shot of page 54

Screenshot of page 128


Book index
(back to top)

Abortion 60-64
Abraham 8
Accountant 22
Africa 5
African, cultural values 9
African woman 8
Aggrandizement 4
Aliko Dangote 32
Almighty, God 33
America 4, 10, 100, 101
Ammunitions 23
Anarchy 9
Anomie 66
Aristotle 47
Bank 4
Bank, Central 4
Barack Obama 76, 68, 100,102
Bible 8
Bill Clinton 8
Bitter Kola 54
British 8
Britain 28
Bush Babe 49
Central Bank, Nigeria
Cesar Lombroso 61, 84
Charles, Soludo 4
Children 12
China 23, 88
Christian fellowship 16
Christian religion 52
C I A Agent 24
Cocaine 69
Colonialism 14
Computer gadgets 23
Computer, information technology 99
Court, of law 7
Cowardice 19
Criminologists 84
Cult activities 22
Cultist 17, 19
Cult materials 15
Culture 35
Cyber crimes 29
Demand 80
Difficulty 11
Divorce 15
Doctors 22
Dopamine 64
Dora Akunyili 8
Drinking spots 15
Drugs 45
Eastern Nigeria 81, 87
Eastern region 12
Economy 2
Eldorado 31
Elections 23
Electoral irregularities 24
Engineers 22
Escapades, Sexual 52
Examination malpractice 11, 48
Female hostel 47
Feminine sect 9
Feminism 13
Freedom 42
French revolution 81
Gangsters 45
Ghanaian nation 84
Heinous crimes 1
Hillary Clinton 8
Hobbes state 2
Homosexuality 11
Hostile society 25
Household chores 8
Human brain 64
Hyperactivity 74
Human Immune Deficiency Virus 58
Igbo land 35
Imperialism 14, 42
Indiscipline 3
Initiation 66
Innocent child 56
Insubordination 35
Intercourse, sexual 51
Islamic religion 52
Jew man 49
John Mc Cain 101
Kano 2
Lagos 2
Lawyer 6, 22
Lesbianism 11
Lewdness 45
Margaret Thatcher 12
Medical doctor 22
Metaphysical 29
Morality 11
Nelson, Mandela 8
Neocolonialism 18
Nigeria 1,2,10, 11, 13, 21, 28
Nigerian Bar 48
Nigerian Constitution 80, 81
Nigerian, Police Force 20
Nigerian Youths 13
Nyerere, Julius 8
Obafemi Awolowo 12, 102
Oil boom 1, 2
Okpara Micheal 12
Oxycontin 64
Philosophers 32
Philosophical outlook 3
Port-Harcourt 2
Poverty 11, 91, 92
Pregnancy, unwanted 57
Professional, criminals 47
Protectionism 83
Psychiatric disorder 70
Psychological 41
Pyrates Confraternity 14
Rehoboam 45
Robbery 20
Satan 1
Secret cult 13
Seductive 7
Self-independence 25
Sex, opposite 53
Sex, pre-marital 51, 54, 59
Sexuality 53
Sexual, immorality 59
Sexual, Subtle 54
Sinister groups 16
Snakes 58
Socrates 60
Stone age 52
Students, union government 3
Supply 80
Teachers 22
Teenage pregnancy 55, 56
Unemployment 78
University, graduates 4
University, undergraduates 7, 53
Violence 25
Wole, Soyinka 31
Xenophobia 83


About the author
(back to top)

Ogbe Chukwunonso Daniel is an alumnus of University of Nigeria, wherein he was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Laws in September, 2008 after a successful undergraduate legal career. He was called to the Nigerian Bar on the 3rd day of November 2009 by the Nigerian Body of Benchers and is currently engaged in active legal practice.

In his undergraduate days at the University of Nigeria, Ogbe Chukwunonso Daniel was actively involved in students’ unionism and occupied many leadership positions. The author has to his credit, two other yet to be published books.

ogbe passport


Contact the author and /or publisher (back to top)

The author can be contacted through +2348030999540 or




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  1. C/O Mr. Anthony Nwosu,
    Education Resource Centre,
    114 Agbani Road by Amawbia Bus Stop,
    Enugu, Enugu State,
  2. C/O Mrs. Ebere Okoh,
    54 Nwobodonnam Street,
    Maryland Layout,
    Enugu, Enugu State,

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