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Terms and conditions of being an affiliate member



  1. Failure to adhere strictly to these terms of service will result in instant termination of membership and would disqualify such members from future participation with UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate program.
  2. You accept that the information and contact detail that you send to us on the course of your registration are correct and that you would notify us of any changes, when they occur.
  3. You agree that on no circumstance would you claim, suggest, imply or do anything that would suggest that you are a staff of UFUMES . Activity such as using misleading advert, deceptive and misleading contact address and numbers will result in instant termination of account.
  4. You will not promise your intended audience what UFUMES cannot afford them, these is classified under deceptive advertisements.
  5. You agree that the percentages that we pay out to you an affiliate member, with regards to the value of our service purchased by any of your referrals ,could be changed from time to time as UFUMES deems fit.
  6. Your membership spans for only a period of 1year which start from the time of registration, you would be required to renew your membership at the end of each year. Failure to renew registration after 2 months of its expiration will result in the invalidation of your promotional ID. Essentially you would not be entitled to the benefits that come from the purchase of our service by any of referrals.
  7. Renewal of affiliate membership may be free or you may be required to pay a token as UFUMES Deems fit
  8. The percentage that you will earn from us, per any of your referral is valid only for the first five transaction we had with that your referrals. You will not have claims to other future transactions that we will have with that person.
  9. Your relationship with us is only at the level of advertisement promoters or affiliate members, we own you no more than what you are entitled to at the end of each months, which is actually based on the number of persons you are able to convince to publish their works with UFUMES .
  10. Our good name means so much to us, you must not do anything that would dint our image and good name such as listing our adverts on sites that engages in illegal activities or that is known for their spamming activity, or sending people spam mails, and other similar activities that would damage our reputations.
  11. You will not be entitled to any benefit from any of your referral that did not include the promotional ID that we would issued to you after registration, inclusion of such ID helps us to know that you referred them to us.
  12. You will not earn or receive discount when you refer yourself (for instance when you as an affiliate member intends to publish your work , you are not permitted to use your own promotional ID )
  13. The range of services promotable as an affiliate member is subject to changes as UFUMES deems fit, you will informed of any changes when they occur, currently our promotable service includes publishing the review of a book's content in the internet and publishing and monetizing postgraduate project works in the internet.
  14. At any point in time you are free to withdraw your membership; you can notify us so that we can terminate your account and also disregard your promotional id.
  15. You will be bound by all future revisions to this terms and condition, so it’s your duty to frequent this page to be updated on such revisions.
  16. We assure you that all the personal information you gave us on your registration would be treated strictly as confidential and would not be divulged to any third party without your consent.
  17. At the end of each month, we are going to place your name , the amount you earned for that month, phone number and institution or business name on our site if you happen to be among our 10 top earners for the month.
  18. Finally you agree to observe faithfully all the terms specified here and that failure to do so will result to instant termination of your account with us.




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All transactions with UFUMES Scholars should be done with the contacts placed on this site.

We don’t approve and are not responsible for any financial transactions done with any of our affiliate member.

Please report such impersonating cases to us. You can contact us with +2348067817864 or mail us on

Thanks for your trust and continued patronage.


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