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Becoming a member of UFUMES SCHOLARS Affiliate Program


It’s quite simple and free to be an affiliate member of UFUMES SCHOLARS; to be a member you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must not have been disqualified from the program before.
  • You must have read and accepted the terms and condition of service.
  • You must be willing and ready to convince book authors to publish the review of their book's content with us.

Any individual or corporate organization that satisfies this aforementioned criteria can participate in our affiliate program.

So, if you are a student, a lecturer, a business man, a motivational speaker, a book publishing firm, a web author / webmaster, an online advertising agents etc. You are all welcomed onboard to UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate program.

It is very profitable and rewarding to be part of the UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate program, all that being a member demands is that you actively or passively convinces

  1. A book author to publish the review of their book's content in the internet through us
  2. A postgraduate student to publish their postgraduate works or doctoral thesis in the internet through us.with

It is 100% risk free and trustworthy because, you are going to be paid 20% of the proceeds we receive from the referrals that you convinced to employ our service.

The different strategy that could be used to boost your earnings per months through UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate programs are discussed here.

Participating in our affiliate program is free, easy and very profitable.

To be a member, you are required to send the following information to (You can copy , paste and edit it directly in your email compose box).

  1. Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Mobile number:
  4. Email address:
  5. URL to your web site (Optional: for webmasters only )
  6. Institution; (for students only)
  7. Company name: ( for companies and business units)
  8. How do you hear of us:

Within a week of receiving your mail, we would send you a unique account ID which you will use as your promotional ID.

You are to include this promotional code on every advertisement that you make. The essence of these promotional ID is to help us identify that a particular person came from you, so we can credit your account as appropriate.

The earnings of an affiliate member will be accumulated till the end of the month, if that member earns above $7 (N1000) at the month’s end, it would be paid through a Nigerian bank or liberty reserve account (for foreign member).

Note that you will only earn from referrals that states their promotional ID along with their transactions with us. It is your duty to emphasize the importance of the promotional ID to your referrals. It’s wise to state it boldly in all your advertisements. In our part we would make a 10% instant discount on every transaction that is accompanied by a valid promotional ID. This is an incentive to encourage your referrals to make use of the promotional ID.

You can earn up to the fifth time any of your referrals publishes their works with us.

It is important that as an affiliate member you understand the kind of service and the modulus operandi of our services to book authors and postgraduate students.

By virtue of being a member of UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate program, you are expected to promote our services to Scholars, through active or passive advertisements. You can start off immediately by downloading and making photocopies of our flyers; be sure to insert your promotional ID at the appropriate place before making photocopies of it.

You can distribute these flyers to potential authors or anyone that you feel would need our service. You can also make your own flyers, billboards, posters, or any other advertising or promotional strategy so far they are in line with the conditions specified in our terms of service. You can get more hints on how you can increase your earnings with UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate programs.

It is our sincere intention and hopes that as you make efforts to promote our service to Scholars, that you also get rewarded financially for it.


Thanks for choosing and trusting us


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All transactions with UFUMES Scholars should be done with the contacts placed on this site.

We don’t approve and are not responsible for any financial transactions done with any of our affiliate member.

Please report such impersonating cases to us. You can contact us with +2348067817864 or mail us on

Thanks for your trust and continued patronage.


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