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Since your participation in UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate program is mainly to make money from it even as you help us to propagate our service, it is very important that you channel your resource to the target audience: people that are more likely to patronize our service.

The group of target audience that could increase your chances of making more money from the program includes

  • Postgraduate students and those that have done their postgraduate studies already
  • Book authors and publishers
  • Any industrious scholar of any level or class.

  • You can send text messages to friends notifying them of the service
  • You can download our flyers and make many photocopies from it after inserting your promotional IDs on it. (This is the cheapest option of advertising: at least it can be carried around and be distributed freely to targeted audience especially those that falls into the category described above)
  • You can also make large sized posters of the advert to be pasted on strategic places, places where potential target audience are likely to see it. This type of advertisements targets a wider audience over a longer period of time: it will still be functional as long as the poster is still there.
  • You can also organize seminars probably with target audience telling them the need and importance of placing their scholarly works online, remember to emphasize the need for the promotional IDs.
  • Practically there are two groups of authors- Those that publishes there book with a publishing firm and those that self-publishes their books. The group of authors that we deal with are those that self-publishes their book.
  • You can also refer book publishers to us- this will increase your chances of making more money.
  • A suggest practical step to coming up with more referrals is by checking out Book's publishers' or author's contact from recently published books and then inviting them to review the contents of their books online with us. Detailing out what they stands to get might aid in convincing them.

    See the whole list of our sample promotional materials.

  • In brief book publishers and authors that employs our service would have

    • The reviewed content of their work available to millions of interested readers
    • an increase the international and local recognition of the publishers and author
    • a cheaper online advertisement option for the promotion of their book's sales .
    • more people becoming aware of the contents and relevance of their book.
    • an increased local and international demands and sales of their book
    • an increase their online book distribution network

    Postgraduate students that employs our service would

    • Enjoy increased recognition on account of their works
    • Be opportune to sell their scholarly work in the internet amongst other benefits


Participating webmasters can link to our site using any of the suggested ads formats as a guide, always include the promotional ID along with each ads placement.

You can also decide to employ the services of online advertising agencies such as google and facebook to boost your sales.

You can also advertise freely with different educational online forums, chat rooms etc. You need to device your own effective advertisement strategy that would target potential authors, those that are more likely to employ our services.

Whichever advertisement strategy that you consider using, ensure that they are in line with the terms and conditions specified for our affiliate program.



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All transactions with UFUMES Scholars should be done with the contacts placed on this site.

We don’t approve and are not responsible for any financial transactions done with any of our affiliate member.

Please report such impersonating cases to us. You can contact us with +2348067817864 or mail us on

Thanks for your trust and continued patronage.


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