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Why review the content of your clients books in the internet
The kinds of books worth reviewing online with UFUMES SCHOLARS
Getting started with the online review of books
Modes and requirements for getting book's review online.
Selling the published books in the internet
Terms and conditions of publishing your books with us


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Why review the content of your clients books in the internet. (TOP)

There are lots of reasons why it’s good to review the contents of your client's books in the internet; we would only highlight a few of them here. Summarily, reviewing the contents of your client's books online with us would,

  1. increase your online book distribution network (see shortly below)
  2. increase the local and international demands and sales of the book
  3. increase the international recognition of the publishers and author
  4. increase the quality and value of the services offered by your publishing house.
  5. make more of the target audience become aware of the book’s content and relevance.

The conventional way of promoting the sales and demand of printed books is through the use of widespread distribution networks, depositing copies of the books to bookshops and other book vendors, introducing the books directly to the target audience (individuals, groups, schools or librarian etc), advertising the books in media houses etc.- the sole aim of all these promotional activities is to increase the demands and sales of the published books by making the target audience become aware of its relevance.

These techniques have, until recently, now proving less effective and more difficult in effectively promoting book sales. This is obviously because more and more educated scholars now prefers to consult the internet instead of libraries and bookshops for all or most of their educational literatures & resources.

If you have gotten a website already that’s good but it’s not sufficient to effectively promote your published books in the internet. Putting a book’s information on just one website is like depositing copies of printed book in one bookshop. You already know that doing that will limit the sales of the book to only those that visits that book store.

When you publish a book’s title in your website alone, the book’s title is accessible only to people that visits your websites directly and people that specifically searches specifically for the book’s title or authors name in search engines. Books are effectively promoted online when lots of the target audience comes across the book. These can be obtained by reviewing the book in WebPages that are visited by lots of the book’s target audience.

Publishing information about the book in several websites increases your online book distribution networks and hence boosts the awareness of the target audience about the relevance of your published books. It’s not surprising these days to see big book publishing firms all over the world still depositing information about their books with agencies such as the Amazon and their likes- that is the online book distribution networks.

Publishing the review of your book’s content in UFUMES SCHOLARS is uniquely different from just making the book available online. At UFUMES SCHOLARS, our specialty is in the art of reviewing and promoting the sales of books in the internet and so, we employ effective strategies and means to enhance the access of target audience to the relevance and contents of your published books.

The access of target audience to the books review published with us is dependent on the numbers of people directed to our site by search engines and those that visited for the purpose of accessing our free online resources. We aim at optimizing these two factors towards ensuring that there is continuous access of a wide range of target audience to books review published with us.


The kinds of books worth reviewing online with UFUMES SCHOLARS (TOP)

You can publish the review of almost any book with us, but we advise that you review books that target the audience that UFUMES SCHOLARS already have.

We offer interesting online educational resources to scholars and academicians and so we have already gotten the attention and audience of scholars, students and lecturers in the higher institutions and other educated elites and professionals.

The range of books that falls into this category includes- Textbooks for tertiary institutions, motivational books, business books, religious books and any other books that are written to target these set of audience.


Getting started with the online review of books (TOP)

Publishing the review of your client book’s content in the internet with UFUMES SCHOLARS is very easy. Just with these three steps your book(s) is on its way to be listed amongst those in our digital online bookshelf. First, you would need to read and accept the terms of service, secondly, you will have to go through the mode and requirement of getting your books online and then , you will send us the following information about yourself and book (send them to )

Personal Information

  1. Name of your publishing house
  2. Address of publishing house
  3. Email address
  4. Country
  5. Mobile phone number
  6. P.O.Box address (optional)
  7. A brief description of the kinds of services offered by the publisher and a clear banner or logo image (to be used for the free online advert)
  8. Link to the publisher's home page( Optional for publishing houses that has a website)

Payment information

  • If you paid to our bank account, include the bank's teller number and the branch name, if you paid into our Liberty Reserve account, include your account name and number
  • Promotional code (optional, get 10% discount by sending us a valid one)

Book Information

  1. Title of book
  2. Date of publication of book
  3. Name of publishing house
  4. Name of author(s)
  5. Thickness of the book (in inches)
  6. Number of chapters in the book (optional)
  7. Number of pages in book
  8. The ISBN number
  9. The amount at which the hard copy of the book would be sold in the internet including postage cost (optional , except if you opts for online sales of book)
  10. The amount that the hard copy of book could be obtained normally from bookshops
  11. Amount at which the eBook edition will be sold (optional, for only those that have an eBook edition, consult us to help you create an eBook edition of your works)
  12. Link to page containing the payment details of the book (optional: For Publishers that owns a website)

Book review information

  1. The preface or forward of the book
  2. The table of content of the book
  3. The review of the book's content: (Optional but it is advised that you provide it) (A short write up that summarizes the book's content and also highlights the various interesting part of the book. On the course of writing the book review, references should be made to the book's chapter. Ensure that major keywords on the book’s subject matter are used. The content of the review influences the number of people that visits your page and the willingness of visitors to place orders for the book. See our demo page for guidance, you may decide to skip this part)
  4. Page preview (send us 2 or more interesting pages from the book to use as preview, send us the pages in either the Microsoft word format or the PDF format) See our demo page for guidance
  5. Index pages of the book( strongly recommended)
  6. About the author: (A short paragraph describing the author: The qualification , achievements and other relevant information are mentioned) See our demo page for guidance
  7. A recent clear passport photograph of the author (optional)
  8. About the Publishers of the book (Information about the services offered by the publisher and their contact address)
  9. Other places where the book can be purchased:

Account Information (To be used for online book sales: This is not necessary if your press already owns a website, since we will direct interested buyer to your site for sales transactions)

Bank account information (for Nigerians)

1. Account Name
2. Account Number
3. Bank's name

Liberty Reserve account information (for those in other country)

  1. Account name
  2. Account number

Other online payment methods

  1. Indicate any other online payment method you wish to use



Modes and requirements for getting book's review online. (TOP)

  • We expects you to inform the author(s) whose work are to be reviewed online about the services we intends to offer them
  • A service fee of $50 (N5000) is charged for the online publication of each book review. This amount is negotiable if you intend to review up to or more than 5 works published in your press. (See our Our account information for payment details)
  • Once you have sent us information about the author and your book, we would publish the review of your book's content in the internet within a week of the confirmation of your payment . We would also send you the URL of your online review page.
  • We would assign you with a unique account ID with which you would be using for your subsequent online publications with us, so you don’t need to provide us with your personal information again.
  • Your book's content would be available in the major search engines within 2 weeks of its publication in the internet. You can try that by typing your name in Google, or the title of your work (within double quotation mark) in major search engines like Google.
  • We would also provide you with the monthly statistics of how many people viewed your review page every month.
  • You would be required to renew your account with us on yearly bases with a sum of $10 (N1000), this guarantees that your books review would be available in the internet all year round.
  • You can change any part of the book's review information whenever you which, notify us by mail of the changes, we would effect it on your page the next time our site is updated.
  • If your publishing press already owns a website we will direct any interested buyer directly to your website where you can complete the transactions with such persons.
  • If your publishing press has not gotten a website yet, we can help you create one, or alternatively we can just be directing interested buyers to bookstores where your books can be purchased or we can help you transact the online sales of the book. See below for details on transacting the online sales of the book with us.

Selling the published books in the internet (TOP)

Our policy as regards selling published book online is such that our integrity and name is protected.

Currently, we can only effect the sales of the reviewed book's hard copy for clients within Nigeria. For clients from other countries, we can only effect the online sales of your ebooks or direct prospective buyers to websites or book stores where the hard copies of the book can be purchased.

The intending buyer of the book pays in the stipulated amount to UFUMES' account, we'll then notify you of an imminent purchase.

We will send you information about the prospective buyer's location, mobile number and postal address; you will then send the intending buyer a copy of the purchased book. When the buyer has received the book, we will pay in the money into your account.

You are to add up the estimated cost of posting the book to someone in any part of Nigeria together with the original price of the book when declaring the price the book is worth online.

Sales of the electronic copy (eBook) of published books is somewhat similar to that of the hard copy, except that the transaction is much easier and flexible to carry out and any interested reader could purchase a copy regardless of his/her geographical location.

It requires that the author have an eBook copy of the printed work. We can help you to prepare an eBook copy of your printed work.

When a buyer requests for the purchase of your eBook, the buyers pays in the stipulated amount into UFUMES' account, we will then notify you about such intention and then send you the buyer's email address. All you need do now is to send your eBook to the intending buyer through your email. When the buyer confirms the reception of the eBook, we would forward the money to your account.

In both cases UFUMES plays the role of a trusted middle man, we kind of hold the money in trust for the buyer and release it to the author only after the buyer confirms the reception of the book. If the book author is unable to deliver the book to the buyer within three weeks (for the hard Copy) or one week( for the eBook), we will refund the money to buyer.

We will charge 15% of the total amount generated from each sales transacted through us as commission.

It is important that you respond fast when someone pays for your book so that it could be delivered to him or her in less than one or three weeks of payment.

Terms and conditions of publishing your book's review with us (TOP)
  1. You agree that you the works you send to us for online review was published in your publishing house and that the respective authors of the works concerned is aware and approves that we publish the review of their book's content in the internet..
  2. You agree that all copyright laws were observed in the publication of the book and that you and the respective author will be solely responsible and would bear any consequence that results from a case of right infringement: In line with our policy, we will not hesitate to withdraw any work from the internet once it receives and confirms complaints from any individual, institutions and government agencies on the infringement of their rights.
  3. You promise to be honest in your review of the book's content; that you will not deceive your prospective buyer into believing that your book will offer them what it can’t offer.
  4. You agree that the information you provided us, on the course of your registration are true and that you would inform us promptly in the event of changes in any of the information
  5. You agree that you understand and accept the mode and type of service we intend to offer you as detailed out in the "mode and requirement for getting books online"
  6. UFUMES reserves the right to suspend or terminate the accounts of any individual whose work or action, does not conform to the terms and conditions stated here.
  7. It is the responsibility of our client to frequent this page as the terms of service stated here will be frequently revised as UFUMES deems fit, they would be bound by such terms.

If you have any questions or requires further clarifications on the terms stated here or on the mode and requirements discussed above, feel free to call us on +2348O678I7864 or send us a mail at scholars @


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