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Online Publishing: Practical Approach and best Practices

Demo book
demo book cover Author: Francis U Umeoguaju
Date published : 2009
Publishers: UFUMES SCHOLARS (Nigeria)
ISBN 000-000-000-0

Book Description: 512 pages , 12 chapters, 3 1/2 inch thick


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About the book: Online publishing: practical approach and best practices (Back to top)

The book deals generally on online publishing. It takes a practical approach to discuss the subject. Unlike the theoretical approach taken by some author, the book presents practical steps to making a good online publication. (Remember this is a demo page, this book does not exist)

Table of content (back to top )

Chapter 1 : Introduction to general publishing

What is publishing all about
History of publishing
Special techniques involved in Publishing
Types of publishing
Relevance of publishing to our modernization

Chapter 2: Basic Theoretical knowledge required in the Publishing Industry

Reviews of the use of english and effective communication
Reviews of the basic computing requirements in publishing
Reviews of the use and principles of common equipments required in publishing

Chapter 3: Online publishing as against the other conventional type of publishing.

Welcome to the WWW craze
Internet the basics of online publishing
Web pages the online publishers' inks and printers
web browsers, the ultimate translators of web pages

chapter 4: Making your first online publication

Designing a simple web page
hosting your web pages with a web hosting firm
connecting to the internet

Chapter 5;
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
etc(Remember, this is a demo page, this book does not exist)

Review of Book's Content (back to top)

The book contains detailed information on getting a beginner very proficient in the field of online publishing.

Chapter 1 and 2, deals with the generalized and traditional methods and theories of publishing. The basic knowledge required in the field of traditional publishing was well addressed. Also discussed in these two chapters are the various types of conventional publishing, the types and use of equipments frequently used in the act of publishing; introductions were made on the basic computing requirements for publishing.

Chapter 3 introduces the major subject topic; online publishing. World wide web was addressed in a simplified way to aid easy comprehension, the other basic online requirements for online publishing were comprehensively addressed, etc(Remember, this is a demo page, this book does not exist)

Preview of some pages from the original text (back to top)

preview of some  page

preview of some pages


Book index



About the author
(back to top)

UF Umeoguaju is a graduate of applied biochemistry, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. He is the author and publisher of UFUMES SCHOLARS, he has made series of other online publications and is still working on a handful of others.

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The author can be contacted Directly on +2348067817864,



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UFUMES scholars Book shop, 14 idiagba street, akure. Ondo state
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